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A Journey Back in Time

Experience the multi-award winning museum of human history.

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Be part of the human family...

A short distance from the site where, over 160 years ago, the first recognised Neanderthal was found, stands one of the most modern museums in Europe. It tells the story of humankind from its beginnings on the African savannah more than four million years ago through to the present. Multimedia installations and audio presentations, along with traditional media like informational texts and the exhibits themselves, vividly convey the latest research findings from the fields of archaeology and palaeoanthropology. In order to continue to present human history at its most up-to-date, the museum, opened in 1996, received an update for its 20th anniversary in October, 2016.


Neanderthal Museum
Talstraße 300
40822 Mettmann

Opening Hours

Tue–Sun 10 am–6 pm
Closed Mondays
Open on public holidays


Tel  02104 9797-0
Fax 02104 9797-96
WhatsApp 015777400718

Admission Prices

Adults 11,00 €
Children (6-16 yrs.) 6,50 €
Mini (4–5 yrs.) 5,00 €
Family discount –20%


First Friday of every month, from 2 pm, bring your dog to the museum.

For school students...

We offer guided tours and workshops for schools and preschools.

Yearly Pass for the Neanderthal Museum

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