Collection of Human Fossil Replicas

Neanderthal Museum has an extensive collection of casts which provides an overview of the morphological development of the genus Homo in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Comparable collections with high-quality casts within Europe are only available at the Natural History Museum, London and the Musée de L'Homme, Paris.

Our cast collection is located in the collection room of the “Stone Age Workshop”. It is kept organized by species and chronological order. We are happy to provide you with access and advice for study purposes on request. Since October 2007, the collection has also been made accessible to our visitors within the framework of guided tours, further education events and school programmes.

Since 2004, the Neanderthal Museum's cast collection has played an important role in a research project funded by the European Union on the digital reconstruction of Neanderthals (TNT) and the resulting database NESPOS.

Since February 2022, we have made our collections available online in our digital archive. For enquiries and general questions about this collection, please feel free to contact the following colleague: Melanie Wunsch, MA