Our collections - Online & On Site

The Neanderthal Museum takes care of various collections of Ice Age tools, faunal remains, cave art and casts of human fossils on its premises. In the spirit of digitisation, our museum has made those collections available online in our Digital Archive since February 2022. The Digital Archive of Neanderthal Museum is part of the NFDI4Objects initiative.

For questions about our digital archive as well as for cooperation ideas, please contact: Anna Riethus, MA

If you have questions about individual collections, you can find the responsible contact person on the subpages listed on the left.


In addition to the preservation of real objects, the preservation of digital objects plays an important role in todays preservation and communication of cultural heritage. Neanderthal Museum recognised this development very early on. Already in the museum's first mission statement from 1996, the development of a digital database on the cultural heritage of Neanderthals is named as a central task.

Our collections are used in our research and exhibitions as well as in our educational programmes. Today, they are stored in special rooms in the former museum building, which today continues to be run as “Stone Age workshop”, and is used for workshops & activity programmes.

Have you found a strange object while taking a walk or in your attic, and would like to have it examined? Our researchers will be happy to advise you on your finds at our regular Identification days.

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