Lion, Mammoth and Co. - Ice Age Safari

November 25th until April 22th, 2018

Need some time travelling? How about an Ice Age Safari?

Come with us to a special and exiting journey in a time when mammoths and woolly rhinos wandered the landscape, when cave lions were some of the most dangerous creatures around, and giant deer never failed to impress with their huge antler.

Follow experienced Ice Age Scouts Urs and Lena to a Safari in the last Ice Age, between 30.000 and 15.000 years ago. Meet the Ice Age giants eye to eye, see what was hunted and how the prey was used, learn about possible pastime activities, how to make your Ice Age bed, cook, or find souvenirs for your loved ones at home.

The Exhibition “Ice Age Safari” gives interesting and exciting information about the world of the last Ice Age, using a new perspective: The visitor takes the role of a time traveler. Fascinating animals as well as the everyday life of the humans of the time can be discovered. Two traveling stations, more than 60 true-to-life animal reconstructions, skeletons, and hands-on-objects help achieving a truly special experience for both children and adults.