Playmobil – toy (hi)story

Collection of Oliver Schaffer

November 19th, 2016 until April 23rd, 2017

PLAYMOBIL in the Neander Valley! This Winter, the special exhibition area of the Neanderthal Museum will be transformed into a PLAYMOBIL paradise for families, featuring detailed scenes from world history.

Explore the world of Ancient Rome, experience medieval tournaments or life in 19th century cities, and follow pirates on their raids. We accompany PLAYMOBIL archaeologists on their scientific expeditions. Astronauts lead the way into outer space. At our play tables, you can create your own scenarios.

For more than 40 years, the iconic PLAYMOBIL has been immensely popular with children across the world. In 1974, the company geobra Brandstätter from Zirndorf launched a system of toys, featuring separate and freely combinable components. During role play with PLAYMOBIL, children do not only explore their own everyday lives, but can also immerse themselves in historical, foreign, or fantasy worlds. Reduced to essential features, the figures also inspire adults to start collections or get creative. Oliver Schaffer is one of the first collectors. Since he was a teenager, the artist from Hamburg has collected about 20.000 PLAYMOBIL figures. The exhibition displays worlds of the past, created and built especially for the Neanderthal Museum by Oliver Schaffer.

Playmobil. Collection of Oliver Schaffer