Going wild

Going wild- Einfach Tierisch

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Special exhibition from May 18th to Nov. 3rd 2019

Dinosaurs are coming for the first time since the grand opening of the Neanderthal Museum. In cooperation with the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen Mannheim, the Neanderthal Museum presents the family-friendly temporary exhibition “Einfach Tierisch – Spaß mit Dino, Mammut und Co”.

On giant, interactive 3D monitors, the visitors can expect colorful and action-filled scenes from the dinosaur age. Guests big and small can go on exciting photo journeys, play tug of war with a T-Rex or save a mammoth. Through the visitor’s interactions with the photos do they really become alive and allow the 3D effect to unfold. There are no limits to your imagination! Either as a family photo for the next photo album or the next post in Instagram or Facebook, these photos guaranteed to be an eye-catcher!

In addition to the 3D Photos, there will be a number of “hands-on” stations, where you can feel shark skin or paw prints from a cave lion, and learn exciting new information about the life and times of prehistoric beasts. Many skeletons of extinct animals and skulls of early humans will tell the tale of the dangerous times these creatures and our ancestors lived in.