Honeybees In The Forest - Back To The Future

from May 20th 2023 to Nov 5th 2023

It's buzzing everywhere in Neandertal. In his exhibition "Back to the Future-Honeybees in the Forest", award-winning nature photographer Ingo Arndt shows for the first time pictures of wild honeybees in their original home - our forests. He has tracked down the bees' well-hidden tree hollows and taken spectacular pictures of the bees in their natural environment, giving never-before-seen insights into the mysterious life of these insects.

The bee is one of our smallest farm animals and has been in our service since the Stone Age, for wax and honey. That is why we are expanding the exhibition at the Neanderthal Museum to include exhibits from the Stone Age to the current trend of "urban beekeeping". The bees on the museum roof are already excited and happy about the appreciation of their work.