Gladiators - Heroes of the Arena

Special exhibition from Nov 16th 2019 to August 30th 2020

The new special exhibition at the Neanderthal Museum ‚Gladiators – Heroes of the Arena‘ designed in cooperation with Contemporanea Progetti and Expona gives insight into the world of Roman arenas and their heroes.

How and when developed the Gladiators? Who could become a Gladiator and how did they live? These and many more questions will be explored in an impressive exhibition featuring Roman artefacts and scientific reconstructions. The most important Roman Gladiators in their specific fighting gear will be part of the special exhibiton and reveal their individual fighting techniques. A strict schooling at one of the Roman Gladiator schools and a highly demanding physical training transformed those men into strong, militant heroes. Successfull fighters coul gain a high reputation within Roman society. Nevertheless – a Gladiator was living a life of constant life risk and of low financial income.

The fascination with the Gladiators is still alive today. Meet life-like Gladiators and their true to the original fighting gear and try them for yourself. Exhibits from the Colosseum the greates arena of the antique world and interactive displays tell you not only of the history of the Colosseum but let the lives of the Gladiators become a spectacular experience. Background information about the Roman empire complete this special exhibition.

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